From onsite entertainment, to farm-to-table produce; the Lyons Estate strives to be more than a vacation home, but an actual experience. We have curated specific locally made brands to add to your comfort, experience and to share the beauty of Hawaii. In addition to locally crafted items, we also opt for organic and eco-friendly amenities such as organic shampoo, conditioner and soaps. In addition to basic amenities, we also offer eco-friendly laundry and dish soaps as well as upon request options for baby.


Recreation Room

The recreation room offers entertainment for children both big and small. The large room includes a children's art center, books, games, toys, and an-indoor climbing wall. Parents can enjoy the built-in bar, exercise accessories or relax while the children play.


Locally sourced products

We support local and have curated locally sourced bath salts, coffee, and soaps. As an off-the-grid home, we also encourage the reduction of single use plastic and encourage the use of our on-site amenities. In addition to basic amenities, we also offer DoTerra oils to diffuse or therapeutic use. If you fall in love with the products or would like to share as gifts, the amenities are also available for purchase. For allergies or special requests, please contact our concierge upon booking.



The estate includes on-property seasonal produce for your enjoyment. Choose from a variety of citrus trees, cacao, coffee, herbs, fruits, teas, and Native Hawaiian la'au. In addition to items on property, the estate is a quick drive to some of the best farmers market on the island.



Nestled in 20 acres of Native Hawaiian Ohia forest, this off-the-grid estate offers privacy, tranquility and an opportunity to get in touch with nature. Whether you decide to take a meditative walk along the private hiking trail, or make your own lemonade from Meyer lemons grown on the property; nature is at your doorstep.


The Location


Located in Mountain View, Hawaii the Lyons Estate sits on 20 acres of preserved Ohia forest. Conveniently located between Hilo town and Volcano, the Lyons Estate is a retreat from the norm. Set back away from the hustle and bustle of busy streets, the quiet sanctuary is the perfect place for bird watching. A quick drive to the nearest adventure at Volcano, the Hamakua Coast or take a day trip to the Kona and North area of the island.


The Design

Designed with the elements of nature in mind; the home offers natural lighting, air flow and high ceilings for a spacious feel. Two bedrooms offer privacy and comfort, while the couch has a queen sized sofa bed for additional guests.


The Ohia

The Ohia tree holds significant meaning for the native Hawaiians. One legend explains that Pele (the goddess of the volcano) fell in love with a warrior named Ohia.  However, the warrior was already promised to Lehua.  Pele was angry that she was rejected so she turned Ohia into a twisted tree. Lehua, his lover was heartbroken and when the gods heard of Pele's anger, they decided that Lehua would adorn the tree and so they turned her into a flower. The two lovers are joined together as the Ohia Lehua tree.

Beyond the legend, the Ohia tree is very significant in the Hawaiian eco-system, and the delicate tree has been threatened by ROD. The Lyons Estate is currently working with DLNR and other agencies to protect and preserve the trees on property.